As a provider of healthy indoor air services for the Twin Cities area, The Snelling Company is considered an essential business during this pandemic and is here to help. We’ve taken extra precautions to keep our customers and work family safe so you can call with confidence if you need us.

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Snelling Company Boiler & Water Heater Tune-up

Boiler Tune-up

  1. Check Thermostat. Make sure all functions work, time and day are correct.
  2. Drain expansion tank as needed
  3. Purge air from system as possible
  4. Check water pressure
  5. Check aquastat/limit control.
  6. Test automatic vent damper (if applicable)
  7. Inspect boiler sections.
  8. Test zone motors (if applicable)
  9. Test for any carbon monoxide leaks/ventilation issues.
  10. Adjust water temperature if needed.
  11. Clean burner compartment.
  12. Check burner/flame condition.
  13. Check igniter condition.
  14. Clean flame sensor/pilot assembly.
  15. Check gas pressure.
  16. Check input voltage.
  17. Check low voltage transformer output.
  18. Check electrical safety controls.
  19. Check and secure all electrical connections.
  20. Check venting

Water Heater Tune-up

  1. Check venting.
  2. Check thermocouple and measure signal.
  3. Pull burner out. Check and clean.
  4. Clean pilot assembly.
  5. Check for proper draft.

Maintenance Checklists:

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