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      There are many reputable heating companies, but there are those who deceive unsuspecting homeowners. Some companies advertise cheap furnace tune-ups, only to enter your home to sell you expensive repairs or new equipment. They send a “fake” technician to your home dressed in a service uniform to recommend costly repairs or inflated equipment replacement prices.
Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. The average cost of a furnace tune-up is $120 to $150. Beware of what you are getting for your money. Discounts or specials are normal, but big discounts are a warning sign.
If you have questions or concerns about service performed on your home’s heating system, please call SNELLING COMPANY, a family-owned and trusted business for over 85 years. We will be happy to answer any questions and even provide a FREE, no obligation second opinion. Just provide a copy of the previous company’s invoice.

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