The Snelling Company Celebrates 85 Years in Business

In 2016 the Snelling Company celebrated 85 years of providing whole house comfort to Twin Cities homeowners.

“It is with pride and satisfaction that we celebrate 85 years of serving Twin Cities homeowners and businesses.” said current President Phil Krinkie.

The business has been family-owned since 1931 and president Phil Krinkie is its third-generation owner. Snelling Company was started by his grandmother, Ella and his father, Fred. They began the business during the Great Depression, selling coal. As the times changed, so too did the business, which transitioned from selling coal to installing furnaces and heating oil delivery. Now, Snelling Company sells and services a broad line of heating and cooling equipment in addition to air duct cleaning and electrical service.

“Today we install TRANE heating and cooling equipment, but we service all brands” – stated Phil Krinkie, who grew up in the business and has been the principle owner for the last 35 years.

TRANE furnaces have efficiency ratings all the way up to 98 percent, which means they can lower home owners’ utility bills up to 40 percent, and they qualify for local utility rebates.

Joining Phil in the management of day to day operations, is his nephew Chad, who is the Sales Manager. Chad joined the company five years ago after a ten year career in the banking business.

“It is great to know our family business will continue to serve our customers with next generation already in place” said Phil Krinkie.

In addition to offering the best heating and cooling equipment, Snelling Company has an outstanding group of qualified and experienced employees always ready to meet any customer’s needs. The business has expert technicians, on-call day or night, who can quickly respond to any emergency, even on holidays or weekends.

“Certainly one of the things I learned from my father is ‘service is first’ and we take great care to make sure our customers are comfortable 24/7” Krinkie said.

He adds that the level of service exemplified by Snelling Company’s employees is always apparent, and when cold weather hits, service technicians stand ready to make sure customers aren’t left without heat, even if it requires installing a new furnace in the evening or on a weekend.

“In Minnesota’s cold weather we are prepared to respond to our customers needs, even if it means service in the middle of the night or replacing a furnace on Sunday.” said Krinkie.

In addition to Snelling Company’s outstanding service of furnaces and air conditioners they also offer top of-the-line air duct-cleaning.

“Our air duct-cleaning service provides the best indoor air quality possible, using the most powerful equipment available on the market today. Our expert technicians ensure with our unique equipment that all dirt and debris is removed from inside the duct system,” Krinkie stated. Snelling Company’s ductcleaning system is far superior to and more efficient than methods employed by other contractors. He added that air duct-cleaning, when done properly, will improve the air quality in your home. “It’s a misperception that it’s a service that you need to do frequently,” he said. “If you do it right and have it done by a trained professional, you only need your ductwork cleaned every 2-3 years.” Now that’s a breath of fresh air.

Krinkie says Snelling Company’s attention to customer needs is what sets it apart from other heating and cooling businesses, and that’s why so many people in the St. Paul area rely on Snelling Company for their heating and cooling needs.

“We’re a weather-related company, in extremely hot or extremely cold is when equipment has a tendency to break down, and one of the things we pride ourselves on is our response time. We will answer the customers call and be there within minutes rather than hours.”

To confirm Krinkie’s view of the importance of customer service, Rae Kellgren, Snelling Company’s customer service representative since 1982, stated “It is truly a business where customers call any time. We provide fast efficient service, and people appreciate the friendly response when a Snelling service technician appears at their door.”

“It’s a great place to work,” she said. “We take care!”

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