24-Point A/C Tune-up

  1. Check Thermostat. Make sure all functions work, time and day are correct.
  2. Replace air filter (1’’) 4” additional charge
  3. Visual inspection of indoor unit. Look for rust, dirt, loose panels.
  4. Shut down humidifier (if applicable)
  5. Check blower assembly. Look for rust or filings from wear, check connections.
  6. Check the evaporator coil if accessible. Look for oil stains, rust or debris in the pan.
  7. Check condensate drain line.
  8. Check condensate pump (if applicable)
  9. Check secondary drain pan (if applicable)
  10. Perform visual inspection of the outdoor unit. Clean out debris, leaves, and rodents, make sure the panels are secure. Check for rust and deterioration.
  11. Check condenser motor, oil as required.
  12. Check the outdoor disconnect. Look for burnt wires or connections, bees or bugs nests, and rust.
  13. Check the condenser coil and clean if necessary.
  14. Check the refrigerant connections. Look for oil stains, or kinks in the lines, make sure the caps are in good condition.
  15. Inspect all wiring and controls for wear and tightness.
  16. Check and inspect the compressor contactor.
  17. Check relays for indications of burnt connectors, bulging, or distortions.
  18. Check the compressor, capacitors and crankcase heater.
  19. Check the start assist device (if applicable)
  20. Check the time delay relay (if applicable)
  21. Check the circuit board (if applicable)
  22. Check the fan blade for cracks.
  23. Check voltage and amp draw.
  24. Check temperature drop across evaporator coil.

Maintenance Checklists:

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