Snelling Company 21 point Forced Air Furnace Tune-up

  1. Check Thermostat. Make sure all functions work, time and day are correct.
  2. Replace air filter (1’’) 4” additional charge
  3. Prepare humidifier for winter operation (if applicable)
  4. Clean compartment. Look for rust or filings from wear, check connections.
  5. Clean burner compartment.
  6. Check burner/flame condition.
  7. Check igniter condition.
  8. Clean flame sensor/pilot assembly.
  9. Check gas pressure.
  10. Check blower wheel condition
  11. Check input voltage.
  12. Check low voltage transformer output.
  13. Check blower motor amp draw.
  14. Check electrical safety controls.
  15. Check and secure all electrical connections.
  16. Check condensate drain line.
  17. Check temperature rise against manufacturer’s specifications.
  18. Check and clear pressure switch tube (if applicable)
  19. Inspect heat exchanger.
  20. Check condition of intake and exhaust venting.
  21. Carbon monoxide test of combustion.

Maintenance Checklists:

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