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Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our comfort advisors. This in home consultation usually requires about an hour of your time. When the Snelling Company advisor arrives at your home or office, they will begin taking the necessary steps to determine the best solution for you.

It’s very important that your new comfort equipment be sized properly. Our advisor will perform a load calculation on your residence. We will measure the dimensions of your home, your windows and doors, wall thicknesses, insulation levels, even the color of your shingles! Choosing the correct size of the heating or cooling equipment is critical to getting the best efficiency, comfort, and lowest maintenance and operation cost over the life of the new system.

After the sizing is determined our advisor would like to sit down with you and everyone who might be involved in the decision making process and of course answer all of your questions.

Most times there are rebates and discounts available to you so we will help you understand how you can receive those as well. Once you have decided on a comfort system the advisor will provide you with a written proposal showing the exact price and see how you would like to proceed.

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